Negotiating pay, settling employment terms, or leaving your role 

Handling a difficult situation at work

Identifying professional growth and development opportunities 

Preparing for THE big interview 

Are you ready to unlock your full career potential? 

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Communication Strategies 

Amplify your voice and confidently share your thoughts, ideas, and requests to unlock your professional growth. 

Personalized Support 

Step away from opinions and get personalized guidance from a Certified HR professional about your unique situation. 

Negotiation Tools 

Eighty percent of negotiation is preparation. Partner with us to prepare yourself with the tools, tactics, and language needed to become your own advocate in the workplace. 

Being a young-woman navigating the tech realm of competing offers, CIIAs, employment agreements, and contracts can be incredibly intimidating.

 Clinical Strategist

I was able to work with Robyn to create a strategic exit-strategy from one company and negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement with another. Robyn put my mind at ease and helped me review my employment agreements and create compelling reasoning to support my requests. While the deliverables she provided were amazing, the true value was in being able to take all the legalese and unknowns and repackage them into certainty and clarify through our conversations. I cannot recommend Robyn enough as a resource for women of all ages & positions.”

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