Unlock your full potential to make confident choices during our 1:1 Power Hour. We deliver personalized guidance from certified HR professionals to help you navigate important career milestones. 

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Partner with us to build your business with confidence, establish your foundational HR documents, and streamline your people operations. With our expert advice, compliance knowledge, and team-focused approach, we are the ideal partner to help you achieve your business goals.

Let’s build together

Create a modern, inclusive, and diverse workplace with us. As an extension of your team, our certified & experienced HR experts help you create high-touch human experiences that foster collaboration, inspire innovation, and drive sustainable growth.

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Human Resources is no longer just for transactions but for creating meaningful interactions between business leaders and employees. By positioning Her HR Helpdesk as a partner, your company can create high-touch and authentic human experiences, resulting in employee retention, reduced burnout, faster growth and increased profits. 

I created Her HR Helpdesk to fuse my 20+ years of corporate payroll and HR expertise with my passion for mentoring women. 

I bring a dynamic and vibrant spirit to all aspects of my work. With my infectious energy and laughter, I strive to infuse empathy and precision into the new world of HR. 

When we partner, you can expect to laugh together, cry together, but most importantly, we’ll win together. 

meet the founder

Her HR Helpdesk was there when we needed help navigating an unanticipated staff escalation and separation. 

The team at Her HR Helpdesk guided us through this stressful situation, while helping us stay aligned with our company's core values. As a small business, we value treating our staff and customers with respect, care, and integrity. Her HR Helpdesk took a person-centered approach by considering the unique needs, context, goals, and mission of our company. They helped decrease our anxiety by giving us specific tools and language to navigate the situation efficiently and confidently. 

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